Equal Employment Opportunity (EO/EEO)

Employers face a business imperative to foster productive, discrimination-free and inclusive workplaces to avoid the risk of costly proceedings by government agencies or other third parties.  Conducting a thorough workplace discrimination investigation requires time, extensive research and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations.  Vickers Institute’s HR consultants will conduct comprehensive investigations and provide resolutions to Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) cases.  Our professional consultants are committed to resolving each case to the lowest level to save organizations time and money in litigation costs while preserving good employee relations. 

Investigations & Resolution

Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI and Title VII)

The specific types of Title VI and Title VII services offered include:

Studies to Determine the Specific EEO Needs o

Training Tailored to the Specific EEO Needs 

Counseling of Discrimination Complaints 

Investigations of and Preparation of Reports of Investigation for Title VI and Title VII Discrimination Complaints with one or Multiple Issues

Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution of Discrimination Complaints 

Counseling, Assessments, & Training


We provide skilled trainers who have trained various employees in communication, placement, promotion, management and termination issues. Our trainers provide one-on-one sessions for managers and employees.


Equal Opportunity Investigations

We provide a thorough, fact-developed investigative report for all companies or organizations encounter an employee complaint that has the potential of culminating in a protracted judicial or administrative action. Our investigative reports are informative and legally accurate, which affords the employer direction and guidance in EEO related complaints.

We provide trained mediators who are skilled in resolving employee/management disputes arising from EEO-based complaints. Mediation will include complaints stemming from existing judicial or administrative actions or issues that have the potential of growing into a protracted legal entanglement.

Workplace grievance investigation services are:

Confidential and Professional

Timely and Reliable

Thorough and Cost-Effective

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